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Jan 17 '13

Not a bad movie - I mean, Jim Caviezel, Vikings and extra terrestrials, what’s not to like?  I kind of wish he’d have had long Viking hair, though.

But, he wears some nice tight pants, shows a lot of arm muscle, rides a horse, shoots a bow, fights with a sword, is sweet to a cute little boy, kisses his onscreen son, cries, laughs, has a satisfying smooch with lucky Sophia Myles, underwater scenes….

Didn’t this man just have heart surgery prior to filming this quite demanding action film???????

Anyhow, enjoy the screencaps, sorry they’re not huge and clear, because this is all my program gives me.  But still nice to look at.

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    Loving these! It’s like watching the movie in slo-motion! And only the best parts!
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    I am grateful you made the screen caps. They are just fine and nice to look at. Thank you for making them.
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    Viking Jim!
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    t These are great! I didn’t like this movie at first. but after several viewings, I’ve come to appreciate the movie and...
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    Outlander! My FAVORITE Jim Caviezel eye-candy movie! Ok, well, there’s Nature’s Grave, but I hate that storyline so I...
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